Ah, the traditional photo booth.  It may be one of the most fun activities you can have at a large gathering.  Say you’re sitting around at a wedding while twiddling your thumbs saying to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I had something else to do other than talk to uncle Bob about his Medicare part D.”  Your wish is granted!  Now, you can take Bob over to the photo booth and have a laugh or two while capturing memorable photos for the bride and groom.  Use some props, leave a note in the guestbook, and walk away with a keepsake that will get everyone just out of their element enough to have a few laughs about but not enough to get in trouble.  Plus, if you’re up to date on social media sharing you can share your photos right from the photo booth.  Instant prints, props, a personalized physical photo strip to take home, social sharing, and a great amount of memories await you.  We’ve done thousands of events in the Twin Cities and we’re ready to help you celebrate yours!

How Does it Work?

You and a guest or two step in to the photo booth.  You have a seat on the padded bench and you’re faced with a live preview of your face.  On top of a shelf inside the booth lies props for you to choose from if you chose to have props at your event.  You’re faced with a choice of either color photos or black and white.  When you’re ready, you press the “Start” button to begin the session.  4 photos are taken in sequence with 5 seconds in between each shot.  When completed, your guests will return the props and exit the booth.  Two photos are automatically printed and more can be printed depending on how many people were in the booth.  We distribute the photos and keep one for the guestbook if you selected to have one at your event.  Your guests can then share the photos on social media right from the booth if you requested the service.  Rinse and repeat as many times as you’d like throughout the night.

How Many Guests Can the Booth Hold?

It depends on how many people you think can reasonably fit in the photo.  We have fit 16 faces in to a photo with this enclosed photo booth.  The back curtain moves to the side and can accommodate a surprising number of people.  Comfortably the maximum is about 4-6 depending on whether people are sitting on each other’s laps or not.

Is Your Booth Handicap Accessible?

Yes!  All of our booths are handicap accessible and ADA-friendly using audible and visual queues.

What are the Dimensions? Can it fit Through a Door?

The enclosed photo booth is 7 feet tall, 6 feet long, 5 feet wide.  It collapses down to fit through any standard door.  An elevator is required to move the booth upstairs.  We also bring a standing cocktail table with to every event.  Reasonably, we request a minimum of 100 square feet (10×10) to set up and a reasonable area for a line to assemble.

Cool! It Glows! Can it Glow X Color?

You bet it glows!  Choose a color from red, blue, green, purple, or pink.  The glow doesn’t affect the photo output and can be changed as needed or wanted.

Can the Booth be Set Up Outside?

The booth can only be set up outside when it is under a permanent structure.  This includes gazebos, park shelters, large overhangs, garages, and other structures that are not a tent.  Anything with a foundation or elevation off the ground will work.  Another note:  the photo booth can not run off a generator and will need access to a regular power outlet in order to provide service.

Do you Have Electrical Requirements?

Just a standard 120v 10A circuit will be sufficient.  We do not operate the booth on a generator or on extension cables longer than 50 feet.  It’s best if we have our own outlet and it’s even better if we’re placed right next to the outlet.