How Does it Work?

Guests take a selection of props and stand with the backdrop to their back.  The Slim Snap takes a sequence of 3 photos.  Everyone who wants a print gets a copy.  Your guests can email, text, Facebook, or Tweet the images right from the booth after their photos are finished.

How Many People Can Fit in the Photo?

We shoot against an 8×8 background.  We tend to zoom the lens out when shooting photos so you should have a fairly wide depth.  We carry a second camera with us for especially wide angle shots that can easily fit 20 people.  However, the clarity of everyone’s individual faces are always diluted when zoomed out.

Does Social Sharing Require Internet Access?

You bet!  We’ll bring along a hotspot.  If the hotspot doesn’t have good reception then the software will queue up your text messages and emails.  You can share them after we bring the booth back to the office with better internet access and we’ll send all of the photos to your guests.  Your guests just won’t get their photos instantly.  Don’t forget that we have the ability to upload to a shared gallery where your guests can retrieve their photos later in the night, anyway.

What are the Space Requirements for the Slim Snap Pro?

The actual structural base is less than 3 feet square.  However, we’re shooting at an 8×8 backdrop and we need a place to put the printer and table for accessories and props etc.  It’s best if we have about 100 square feet at a minimum (10×10 space) with access to a power outlet a minimum of 10 feet away.  Don’t forget that a line will form and there will need to be an area for people to wait.

Is This Something I Can Have at my Tradeshow Space?

Absolutely.  Please email for a quote.